Medical negligence compensation claims

Have you suffered personal injury due to lack of care, the wrong diagnosis or poor treatment by the NHS or a private healthcare provider? You could be owed compensation. Proving a medical negligence claim needs expert support. Whether you or a loved one suffered pain, injury, mental health problems or even death caused by medical negligence, our free referral service connects you with specialist injury lawyers who can handle your case on a no win no fee* basis. Simply complete one quick form to make an enquiry or start your claim today.


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Clinical negligence claims

Clinical negligence claims >

Negligence, misdiagnosis, delayed treatment, medical injury or incompetent healthcare or lack of judgment.

Hospital negligence claims

Hospital negligence claims >

Personal injury caused by malpractice or inadequate care.

Dental negligence claims

Dental negligence claims >

Injury due to mistakes made in dental treatment or procedures, or failure to diagnose oral health issues.

GP negligence claims

GP negligence claims >

Misdiagnosis or failure to refer to a specialist, pain or injury as a result of inadequate or harmful treatment.

NHS negligence compensation claims

NHS negligence compensation claims >

Suffered personal injury during NHS treatment due to negligence.

Surgical negligence compensation claims

Surgical negligence compensation claims >

Been injured during a surgical operation as a result of surgical negligence.

Birth injury compensation claims

Birth injury compensation claims >

Suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence.

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