Faulty product compensation claims

If you’ve been injured or suffered an illness caused by an incorrectly labelled, out of date or faulty product, you could be owed compensation by the manufacturer or retailer. Every product sold in the UK must be safe for its intended purpose. If a faulty product caused you personal injury, and the injury was not due to misuse, it’s time to talk to expert injury lawyers via our free referral service. Simply complete one easy form to make an enquiry or start your no win no fee* claim today.

What types of personal injury qualify for faulty product claims?

  • Injury from product caused by defective wiring or malfunction.
  • Faulty product features such as brakes or other inadequate safety features.
  • Injury from product caused by inadequate safety instructions.
  • Incorrectly labelled items or incorrectly stored food or drinks.

You could be eligible for compensation if you suffered:

  • Burns
  • A cut injury
  • Electric shock
  • Dental injury, broken tooth or teeth
  • Food poisoning or allergic reaction
  • Injury due to product safety failure
  • Injury caused by inadequate safety instructions

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